Step 2: Full 928 Package

This step walks you through the process of completing your full 928 bundle paperwork which completely severs all ties to your fictitious names that were fraudulently created by the de-facto government. This paperwork needs to be completed, recorded and published as a pre-requisite for state citizenship, which is required for all Jural assembly members and assembly offices.

Instructions from Anna Von Reitz (

This process brings forward the Trade Name and “finds” it again, and then allows us to reclaim our “reversionary trust interest” in all the derivative NAMES free and clear.

The Deed of Reconveyance or Conveyance seizes upon the Trade Name and brings it back to the land and soil jurisdiction.

The Certificate of Assumed Name seizes upon the derivative NAMES and returns them to control of the living man or woman.

The Act of Expatriation explicitly renounces Territorial and Municipal “citizenship” and returns the derivative NAMES and ACCOUNTS to the land and soil.

The Baby Deed of Land Recording is to help new parents and put an end to the “salvaging” of American babies by these corporate vermin. Simply have a Third Party — grandparent, uncle, family friend— do the notarization and record the Baby Deed as another Extension of the Father’s Deed of Re-Conveyance. If the Father refuses to claim his Trade Name and Estate, or is dead or disabled, the Baby Deed can be attached to the Mother’s Deed of Re-Conveyance.

Use the following link to help you figure out which forms you need to fill out Chart Your Paperwork Path, then access the needed forms and templates below.

These documents can be witnessed by a notary public (e.g. bank, UPS, etc…) or a Nevada recording secretary and recorded and published with the local county land recording office or with the recording secretary. Please note: do not register anything. Only record. If your local land recording district or county land recording office won’t record your paperwork, look for a county that will. You can use a county land recording office in any of the 50 states. Make sure to tell the county recorder that you want the documents recorded in the land recording office indexed as notices or miscellaneous. Clark county will not record our documents so many of us have used Big Horn County, Montana recording office. If you go this route of publishing your documents make sure to request at least two certified copies of the recorded documents that can be useful for providing proof our your status.

If you wish to use a Nevada recording secretary to witness, record and publish your documents, make sure to print two copies of each document and bring them with you when you meet the recording secretary. There is a fee for recording and publishing your documents which can be discussed with your recording secretary.

Two methods for creating your documents will be discussed. The first and recommended method is to use the LRO document generator. The second method is to use document templates provided below. If you need more help completing your documents reach out to your county facilitator using the button below based on where you live.

If you haven’t already, visit the LRO website and set up an account in our very own Land Recording Office or LRO. Watch the following video to learn how to setup your LRO account. When asked to enter the coordinator email use the following email: If you have been working with a recording secretary make sure to enter their email address as well when asked.

Method 1 – Using the LRO Document Generator

Now that you have an LRO account you can log into your account and purchase document generators that will generate your documents for you. For this step, you will need to purchase the 928 Document Generator and the Notice Document Generator. Watch the following video to learn how to purchase a document generator. Once you have purchased your document generators proceed to open each and fill out the form fields and select the generate document button to generate your document bundles. Review the generated documents and make updates as necessary by navigating backward in the browser and then regenerating the documents. Once everything looks correct, print your documents and notify your county facilitator (using the button below based on where you live) that you are ready to record and publish your documents.

Method 2 – Using the Document Templates

NOTE: If you already used method 1 (the LRO document generator) then you don’t need to use this method.

Deed of Re-Conveyance (Born in America)

Deed of Conveyance (Not Born in America)

Certificate of Assumed Name

Act of Expatriation (JOHN HENRY DOE)

Act of Expatriation (JOHN H. DOE)

Act of Expatriation (JOHN DOE)

Cancel Power of Attorney

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Paramount Claim

Marriage Paperwork

Baby Deed (For offspring of all ages)

Military Letter (Veterans only)

Recording Cover Sheet

Diagram of Fraud (optional)

Fee Schedule (optional)

Common Carry

Now that you have all your documents ready: Find a recording secretary in your area by selecting one of the options below based on where you live. Scan OR take a picture with your phone of ALL the completed documents from the list above and be ready to email them to your recording secretary so they can review them for accuracy. If you can’t do this for some reason, don’t worry, the recording secretaries will meet with you and help you work through your documents.

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