Ready to Get Started?

Join the Nevada Assembly

The first step, is to Join your Assembly so that we can offer support, help you connect with other State Nationals in your area and, so that you can be invited to our General Discussion conference calls available to you the first and third Wednesdays of every month at 6pm Pacific Time.

The General Discussion calls provide a place for you to ask questions about the paperwork involved in correcting your status. It also will provide you a sense of community and connection with like-minded people.

Nevada is in session to reconstruct our lawful government. By getting fully papered up and becoming a member of the jury pool, you will open doors and have the opportunity to share your unique skills and insights. There’s lots of work to do and we need everyone’s help to make this happen! By getting involved, you will find fulfilling ways to contribute to this historic process! There is a solution, and YOU are a part of it.

Correct Your Status

After you’ve filled out the contact form located here, you’re ready to begin preparing the necessary paperwork to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction.

See “Correct Your Status” at the top of this page for all the information you need to get your paperwork completed.

Get Educated

If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

Knowledge is power, and the ultimate civil power resides in every individual in America. We, as Americans need to join forces. It’s time to get educated and get involved!

We’ve included some resources below to help you get started. We have much to learn, and we have much to unlearn.

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