Step 1: Becoming a State National

Once you have completed this step, your intention to change your political status to a state national will be recorded and published, bringing you back to the land and soil jurisdiction. This is an important first step to regain your rights as a sovereign man or woman.

The following information tells you what documents to complete and everything you will need to successfully complete this step. Two methods for creating your documents will be discussed. The first and recommended method is to use the LRO document generator. The second method is to use document templates provided below. If you need more help completing your documents reach out to your county facilitator using the button below based on where you live.

If you haven’t already, visit the LRO website and set up an account in our very own Land Recording Office or LRO. Watch the following video to learn how to setup your LRO account. When asked to enter the coordinator email use the following email: If you have been working with a recording secretary make sure to enter their email address as well when asked.

Method 1 – Using the LRO Document Generator

Now that you have an LRO account you can log into your account and purchase document generators that will generate your documents for you. For this step, you will need to purchase the 1779 Document Generator. Watch the following video to learn how to purchase a document generator. Once you have purchased your document generator proceed to open it and fill out the form fields and select the generate document button to generate your 1779 document bundle which includes a Cover Page, One Page Declaration and two Witness Testimonies. Review the generated documents and make updates as necessary by navigating backward in the browser and then regenerating the documents. Once everything looks correct, print your documents and notify your county facilitator (using the button below based on where you live) that you are ready to record and publish your documents.

Method 2 – Using the Document Templates

NOTE: If you already used method 1 (the LRO document generator) then you don’t need to use this method.

One Page Declaration

There are three slightly different Declaration Documents to choose from and everyone has to choose one. For more information about why you’re completing this form, click here.

Choose the correct form below, click the button to open the editable document template that includes instructions for how to fill in each field. If you need word processing software for you computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), you can get a free package here called LibreOffice.  When done filling out the form, print 2 copies of each form. If completing by hand, you may fill them out using blue ink. Wait to sign them until you are in front of a Land and Soil recording secretary.



For Most Americans

For Naturalized Americans

For Federal Employees

Witness Testimonies

You are going to need 2 witnesses that have known you for at least 7 years. They will provide the proof that you are, who you say you are and the man or woman indicated on your birth or naturalization certificate. You will need 2 copies of a recent passport photo, taken in the last 6 months. (Walgreens, CVS and the UPS Store are just a few of the known places you can walk in and get a passport photo). To obtain your Credential Card, you will need a digital copy (.jpeg) of your passport photo for uploading to the LRO that is used to create the Credential Card. So, when you get your passport photo, make sure to ask for 2 paper copies as well as a digital copy. Make sure to bring a USB memory stick with you to the passport photo store so the digital image can be copied to it.

Print the witness affirmation form TWICE, as you will need one for each of the 2 witnesses. This form may be filled out in blue ink. Once you’ve filled out both forms with your information, and attached your photos with glue, you will have 2 choices for how to get these witnessed.

  1. You will give or mail the form to your witness. They will fill in their part and take it to a public notary to sign in front of them. Then they will give or mail the form back to you. (This can work even if your witness is not local).
  2. You will bring your witnesses with you to meet the recording secretary, and have the form completed with the exception of their signature. They will sign in front of the recording secretary.

Once done, make a color photo copy of your 2 witness testimonies. The original copies will be for the recording secretary and the color photo copies will be for your records.

Everyone Completes This

Proof of Birth or Naturalization

In order to prove your birth or naturalization in America, you will need to provide the recording secretary a copy of your birth or naturalization certificate. The recording secretary will keep the copy for the assembly records. You will also need a red and blue pen AND a red thumbprint stamp. A link is provided below that allows you to obtain a birth certificate if you don’t happen to have one.

Link to Order Birth Certificates

Red Fingerprint Pad

Recording and Publishing Your Documents

Now that you have all your documents ready: Find a recording secretary in your area by selecting one of the options below based on where you live. Scan OR take a picture with your phone of ALL the completed documents from the list above and be ready to email them to your recording secretary so they can review them for accuracy. If you can’t do this for some reason, don’t worry, the recording secretaries will meet with you and help you work through your documents.

The 2 witness testimony forms should be completed, signed and notarized UNLESS you are bringing your witnesses with you to the recording and wish to have the recording secretary notarize them. In that case, please communicate this in the message field to your recording secretary. Your witnesses will sign them in front of the recording secretary. The recording secretary will review your documents. If they are incomplete or incorrect, you may be asked to make changes, re-submit forms and reschedule your appointment. Please review these instructions and review your documents carefully before sending, to avoid delay.

There is a fee for recording and publishing your documents which can be discussed with your recording secretary.

After your documents have been recorded and published you are ready to order your credential card on the LRO website. Make sure you have uploaded your digital passport photo to your LRO profile and you will also need to upload a digital image of your right thumb print. You can accomplish this by obtaining a red stamp pad and repeatedly putting your thumb print on a white piece of paper until you get a clean thumbprint that isn’t smudgy or too light. Then take a picture with a digital camera or your smart phone of the thumbprint and upload it to your LRO profile. To order your credential card you will need to log into your LRO account and select the Fees tab and add an item for your credential card and then select check-out and pay for you credential card.

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